Big Horns

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Excerpt from:
Big Horn Roundup

By Tony Youngblood, Augusta, Georgia

Thereís something about the Dodge Big Horn that seems to draw a crowd at truck shows. Maybe itís their size and brute strength, or maybe itís their in-your-face attitude. Then again, maybe itís the fact that not many were built, and rare trucks always draw attention. Whatever the reason, the Big Horns have a mystique that never fails to attract admirers.

Dodge only produced 261 Big Horns during their three year production run: In 1973, eight were sold in the U.S. and two were sold in Canada; in 1974, 91 were sold in the U.S. and 25 were sold in Canada; and in 1975, 91 were sold in the U.S., 43 were sold in Canada, and one was sold in Mexico.

The first two Big Horns built were prototypes, designated model 9500. I donít think Chrysler knew at the time how they wanted to label them, whether by name or number. The parts book lists the Big Horn as a DNT 1000 for the tandem axle and DN for the single axle, but following that designation, also lists it as CNT 950 and CN 950, respectively. . . .

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