Tyronne Malone

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Excerpt from:
Jerrel “Tyrone” Malone, Trucking Superstar

Story by Ken Harris, Bakersfield, California

Photos by Bandag

Unabashed showman, irrepressible impresario, enthusiastic entrepreneur—take your pick, Tyrone Malone was all of them. He is, perhaps, most famous for displaying a 38-ft, 20-ton sperm whale that he named “Little Irvy” after his favorite uncle, despite the fact that the whale was female.

Inspired by the “Save the Whales” movement that was active in the early 1960s, Malone decided the best way to impress people with the magnificence of these creatures was to give them a chance to see one up close and personal. So he bought a dead whale, had it flash frozen, and hauled it around for everyone to see in a specially built rig: 1967 Kenworth conventional powered by a 6-cylinder diesel, 335 hp engine with a 4x4 Browning transmission and Spicer drive line. First stop: Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, California.

As he traveled around the country, visiting state fairs and shopping center parking lots with his display, Malone observed that while the women and children were fascinated by the whale exhibit, the men were more interested in the rig that was hauling it...

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