Macks in Denmark

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Excerpt from:
Old Macks in Denmark

Story and Photos by Erik Larsen, Vester Skerninge, Denmark

About 30 Mack Trucks were sold in Denmark from 1964 to 1984—four conventionals, the rest cabovers. This is not a large number, but nevertheless, Mack maintained a presence here in Denmark for 20 years. Available were R Models similar to those sold in the US, F Models, and one MR Model. Initially the F Models had front axles that were set forward, but later came with the front axles set back, and they could be ordered with raised roof sleeper cabs. The ideal truck for Danish conditions was the F Model with a set back front axle. In March 1984 the Mack dealer ordered a new MH Ultra Liner, but the truck never came to Denmark. Unfortunately, that was the end of Mack Trucks in Denmark.

Today only three Macks are still in this country. One is a 1976 R Model with very heavy specs, powered by a 365 hp Mack V8 engine. In fine condition, this truck is owned by a big trucking company and is used only as a show truck. The second is an F Model with a set back front axle and raised roof sleeper cab, owned by Stig Sundahl Trucking. Sundahl also owns three Kenworths, all private imports. Finally, there is the Mack I own, a 1979 Mack R 686 ST Model with steel butterfly hood. My Mack is powered by a 285 hp Maxidyne engine, 5-speed transmission, and Mack rears with camelback suspension. I am restoring it and plan to get it back on the road again.

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