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Excerpt from:
1946 Dodge Circus Truck

by Sheldon Endy, Walnutport, Pennsylvania

In the early 1970s I was driving a 1947 Dodge 1/2-ton pickup. I needed a right side windshield wiper motor. A fellow worker of mine owned the 1946 Dodge, and I tried to buy the wiper motor from it. But he only wanted to sell the complete truck, so I bought the truck for about $25. I used the wiper motor and stored the truck in my friend’s barn. I had no intention of restoring the Dodge because my first love is Mack, but I don’t believe in junking good old trucks.

Around 1975 a man saw the truck and asked if it was for sale. Sold! He said he would pick it up in a week or two, but he never came back for it. The Dodge stayed in the barn for about two more years until I sold it again. This time it left with its new owner, who intended to restore it.

However, about six months later the new owner called to ask me if I would like to buy the truck back. He and his wife were splitting up and the truck had to go, so I gave him what he’d paid me for it. Back to the barn it went to bed down for a few more years.

Around 1981 or 1982 some rust started to form on the cab so I took it to the body shop at the school where I worked. I asked them to sand it and apply a coat of protective primer. Once again the Dodge was noticed, this time by a student of mine who was a Chrysler nut. Once again the Dodge left.

Then in 1987 I got a call from my former student, who had lost his lease...

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